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210A-250A project diesel / petrol generator electric welding dual purpose machine tap type power generation electric welder
Oct 19, 2018

Power gasoline generator welding machine argon arc welding power generation electric welding  machine pipe welding power generation electric welder
Product application:
A.  urban heating, water supply network, natural gas branch pipeline equipment and protection.
B.  field  pipeline  equipment,  repair.  Completely  satisfied  with  the  argon  arc  welding  primer  +  manual  arc  welding  filler  surface  welding  technology.
C.  Satisfied  with  large  and  small  current  welding  of  electric  power  construction  and  chemical  construction.
Product  characteristics:
1.argon  arc  welding  function  has  the  functions  of  early  gas  supply,  delayed  stop  gas  and  attenuation  arc  extinguishing  function.
2.Argon  arc  welding  uses  high  voltage  pulse  to  start  arcing,  arcing  is  simple,  the  arc  opening  vacancy  exceeds  5mm,  and  tungsten  loss  is  low.
3.the  creation  of  the  12  pairs  of  extremely  intermediate  frequency  power  generation  technology,  no  need  for  transformers,  high  efficiency.
4.Select  the  rotating  magnetic  field  to  adjust  the  welding  current  with  excitation  and  adjust  the  accuracy  accurately.
5.Sweden  rectifier  technology,  DC  current  is  smooth,  good  dynamic  characteristics,  fast  speed  of  care.
6.The  arc  is  simple,  the  arc  burning  is  stable  and  the  welding  function  is  good.
7.coaxial  structure,  power  transmission  loss  is  small,  the  structure  is  concise  and  reliable,  and  the  defects  are  low.
8.Equipped  with  high-power  220V  DC  auxiliary  power  supply,  satisfactory  lighting,  angle  grinder,  grinding  wheel  and  other  things  on-site  use.
9.Rubber  wheels  make  mobile  convenience.

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