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210A medium frequency DC Diesel generator Welder
Oct 27, 2018

210A medium frequency DC Diesel generator Welder makes more stable welding current,  small current welding easy arcing, welding effect is good, spatter is small, welding shape is beautiful, power generation welding machine special YT series welding machine using power generation and welding share a power generation winding, through high-frequency inverter technology, power generation output converted to welding required electricity. Voltage and current significantly reduce the volume, weight and loss of the welding machine, improve the efficiency of the whole machine. At the same time, because of working in high-frequency state, welding penetration, deep pool, easy arc ignition, spatter, current stability, good molding and other characteristics, is conducive to improving the quality of welding products.

The welding voltage waveform of the double cylinder diesel electric welding machine is more stable because of the pulse width modulation and the reactor smoothing technology. The welding current is zero, the current fluctuation is small, and the weld quality is high. Smooth welding current, small spatter weld, light weight, small volume, equipped with mobile wheels, easy to move, safe and reliable, especially suitable for municipal emergency repair or field special environment use, optimization design, direct injection energy saving, fuel consumption than the same model reduced by more than 3%, using heavy inertia flywheel, starting more easily It works more smoothly and has stronger power.

Using high-quality technology engine, technology and technology assembly and production, it is light weight, small volume, compared with ordinary welding machine, it has only one fuselage, it can achieve two functions of power generation welding machine, it can consume less and environmental protection, compared with ordinary products, can save about 30% of electricity, power generation welding integration, light weight, easy to move. Widely used in power supply, railway, municipal, oil pipelines and other outdoor welding and power generation construction operations. The application of high-quality power generation welding machine technology and shock absorber coil enables the machine to achieve perfect waveform of welding voltage, while no floating welding current means high-quality welding operation.

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