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Difference between welding mask and welding glasses
Sep 03, 2018

Welding masks and welding glasses primarily protect the face and eyes from dust, fumes, metal and gravel debris, as well as damage from chemical solution sputtering and electromagnetic waves such as ultraviolet, infrared and microwave radiation.

First, the welding mask mainly has the following types: anti-group scraps and chemical solutions splash into the eyes and masks that damage the face, made of lightweight transparent plastic, mostly made of plastic such as polycarbonate (pc), the sides of the cover and the lower end respectively The ears and the lower forehead extend toward the neck, allowing the mask to cover the face more comprehensively for added protection.

Metal mesh masks are also resistant to microwave radiation.

The welder's mask is made of a certain thickness of cardboard fiber, light in weight, heat-proof, and has a good electrical insulation mask.

In addition to the aluminum foil mask mentioned in the heat-proof suit, the heat-resistant mask can also be made of a single-layer or double-layer metal mesh, but the double layer is good, so that part of the radiation can be blocked and dissipated in the air. If it can be chrome or nickel, it can enhance the reflection heat protection and prevent rust.

Second, the welding glasses are usually made of flexible plastic and rubber, and the frame is wide enough to cover the eyes of the user.

Chemical-resistant welding glasses are mainly used to protect against chemical damage to the eyes caused by irritating or corrosive solutions. welding mask Ordinary flat lenses can be used, and the frames should be covered to prevent splashing of the solution.

Radiation-proof welding glasses are used to protect against eye damage caused by excessive ultraviolet rays and other radiation. The lens is made of special glass that reflects or absorbs radiation but transmits some visible light. The lens is coated with a bright chrome, nickel, mercury or silver metal film that reflects the radiation; the blue lens absorbs the infrared light, the yellow-green lens absorbs both the ultraviolet and infrared rays, and the colorless lead-containing lens absorbs the X-rays and gamma rays.

The anti-solid broken welding glasses are mainly used to protect the eyes from mechanical damage such as metal or gravel debris. welding mask Spectacle lenses and frames should be structurally strong and resistant to blows. There is a rim around the frame and there should be venting holes. The protective lens can be made of tempered glass, glue bonded glass or copper mesh mirror.

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