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Do you know the principle of electric welding machine?
Dec 21, 2018

With the rapid development of the world's manufacturing industry, welding technology is becoming more and more widely used, and the level of welding technology is getting higher and higher. New welding methods continue to emerge, and professional welding equipment is changing with each passing day.


When it comes to welding technology, I have to mention the inverter welding machine.

① high popularity

The participation rate of inverter welding machines is getting higher and higher, and the exhibition surface is getting wider and wider. Almost all of the exhibitions of previous years

Large companies have demonstrated a variety of inverter welders and new technologies and products with a larger battle, only their respective

Variety, power, performance, function and manufacturing level are different. In addition, the variety, performance, function, welding method and application range of the inverter welder have also been improved, increased and expanded.

② power is strong

In the past, people thought that the inverter welding machine is mainly suitable for small and medium power applications because of its small size, convenient movement and power saving.

③ miniaturization

By increasing the frequency and using high-performance magnets, optimizing the structure, etc., the low-power inverter welding machine is made as small as possible. For example, a small welder for thin plate welding in assembly and maintenance work with frequent welding position changes is only 3.4 kg.

Inverter welding machine is mainly an inverter arc welding power source produced by an inverter, also known as an arc welding inverter, which is a new type of welding power source.

Working process of inverter welding machine

The inverter welding machine rectifies three-phase or single-phase power frequency AC power, and after filtering, obtains a smoother DC power. The inverter circuit composed of IGBT turns the DC power into tens of KHZ AC power, after the main transformer is stepped down. And then rectified and filtered to obtain a smooth DC output welding current.

Since the inverter operating frequency is very high, the cross-sectional area of the core of the main transformer and the number of turns of the coil are greatly reduced. Therefore, the inverter welder can largely save metal materials, reduce the size and weight, and greatly reduce power loss. What is important is that the inverter welder's weighing length can adjust the output current in the microsecond time, so the ideal control process required by the welding process can be achieved and a satisfactory welding result can be obtained.

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