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Do you know what you need to pay attention to when using the Welder generator in summer?
Sep 04, 2018

Inadvertently, the footsteps of the summer came in such a big step. After a month of weather without the four seasons, the temperature of these days made us have to believe that summer really came, then, summer. Already coming, are you ready to let your Welder generators spend this hot summer day?

In high temperature weather, the Welder generator is prone to overheating, which causes its power, economy and work reliability to be reduced. Therefore, the following measures must be taken: First, we must pay attention to cleaning the cooling system to improve the cooling effect. The effect of scale on the cooling system is great, so strengthening the cleaning of the cooling system plays an important role in improving the heat dissipation of the Welder generator; then the water radiator is dredged and flushed to ensure the tightness of the transmission belt, pay attention to the temperature adjustment. The operation of the unit, the sealing of the cooling system and the ventilation of the vents on the radiator cover.

Secondly, when the engine is in a cold state, the coolant level should be between the highest and lowest signs of the expansion tank. If the liquid level is lower than the lowest mark of the expansion tank, it should be added in time. Note that the coolant in the expansion tank should not be filled, and there should be room for expansion; the last is to keep the fan belt tension moderate. The fan tape is too loose, causing the pump speed to be too low, affecting the circulation of the coolant and accelerating the wear of the tape. However, the tape is too tight and the pump bearing will wear out. In addition, the tape should not be stained with oil.

Therefore, the tension of the fan tape should be checked regularly. If the tape deflection is about 10-15mm, it indicates that the fan tape tension is appropriate. Otherwise, adjustments should be made. When adjusting, the position of the Welder generator positioning bolt can be moved to change the tension of the tape. If a new fan tape is replaced, the tape deflection is about 8-10mm when the tension is detected. In addition to the above points, Ito Power reminds you that the engine should be prevented from being too hot when the engine is under heavy load for a long time.

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