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Does the generator have an electric welder that affects the generator?
Jan 25, 2019

If the generator capacity is sufficient, the generator drives the welding machine welding operation, which has excellent dynamic characteristics for power generation, easy arc ignition, small splash in the welding process, adopts PWM control concept, good output constant current characteristics, stable welding current, suitable for all-position welding requirements. To meet the user's requirements for various materials and welding rods. Unusual operation design, simple and easy to operate, low fuel consumption, economical and practical, durable, high reliability, eliminating the need for cumbersome maintenance, with protection devices to ensure safe operation, quiet and shockproof design. This machine is small in size, simple and easy to operate, low in fuel consumption, economical and practical, easy to carry, and affordable. It is the best choice for emergency equipment for home emergency and some small service places.

Features: Easy to operate, lightweight and compact design improves on-site operability of the machine and saves a lot of storage space, while four durable wheels are easier to transport. Wide range of applications for different electrode diameters and welding environments. Dual use of one machine; excellent performance, can achieve the ideal cost performance, let you enjoy more economic benefits. The synchronous load performance is good, and the power can be simultaneously supplied during the electric welding, and the electric welding operation does not affect the power generation; the voltage and the wave shape, thereby improving work efficiency and being convenient to use.

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