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How to operate driven IGBT inverter DC welder/AC 7.0KW Generator Model: KTIWG200A
Sep 29, 2018

A-Panel operation instructions

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1.Engine Switch to start up or shut down the machine.

2.Circuit Breaker (in running state, switch the circuit breaker to the ON position, the machine can supply electric power output. When overload or short circuit, the circuit breaker will automatically break off.

3.Generating Voltage Meter (V: Generating voltage Hz: Power frequency T1: Single generating operation time T2: Generator cumulative power working time M: Mode switch button).

4.Welding Current Meter (WORK: working indicator PROTECT: welding overheat protection indicator, the meter also display current set up by you at Current adjusting knob on the control panel.

5.AC socket(AC250V/30A)

6.Grounding bolt

7.Low oil pressure indicator (when engine oil is less, oil pressure indicator will be lighting)

8.Welding switch: When using the function of welding, turn the switch to the ON position. If do not use the welding function, please turn the switch to the OFF position

9.Welding current regulator (from minimum 20A, to maximum 250A)

10.Welding output negative electrode(Black)

11.Welding output positive electrode(Red)

B、The operation steps are as follows:

Unit starting check: before starting the generator, please ensure the engine oil and Petrol fuel ready. The battery connection is right.

   1.Before start the welding machine, Must put the Circuit Breaker(A.2) on off position firstly. Insert the key into Engine switch(A.1) and Turn on the key clockwise (battery starter). Or Put start switch to the ON position and Pull the handle in Engine by hand(recoil starter).

   2.When the engine is running of generator set at beginning, please warm the engine in 10seconds, and then put the circuit breaker(A.2) to the ON position on the panel. If you want to use the electric power, please connect power output socket.

   3.If you want to use welder, MUST NOT connect the power generation load. Please use welding joints to connect the positive (red) and negative (black) electrodes of the welding Connector socket (A 10 and 11). The welding switch(A.8) is Turn to ON position, and the welding current can be regulated by the electric current regulator(A.9) according to the welding rod you needed for your job..

   4.Warning: Whether generator set is started up or shut down, the Circuit Breaker(A.2) must be first placed in the OFF position, and the generator will operate the 7-10s after the no load operation ( no load running), and the turn the key counter clockwise to OFF position in Engine switch(A.1) to shut down the machine(battery starter). Or turn to the OFF position of starting switch to shut down the generator set(recoil start).


1. As the generator set in operation state, MUST not use electricity and welding at the same time. It will be damage the machine. But Just using a 500Watts working bob or a grinder is Ok when the welding is operated.

2. In the use of welding, if the "PROTECT" indicator on welding preset Ammeter(A.4) is lighting, please stop welding, DO NOT turn off the welding switch(A.8), Please wait after the "PROTECT" indicator lights out (about 4 Minutes). And then you can do the continuous welding JOB.

3. When panel oil fault light is lighting, Must turn off circuit breaker(A.2) firstly and then shut down the generator set. Add engine oil to the engine and restart the generator set.








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