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Inverter IGBT welding system for portable generator
Nov 12, 2018

The utility model relates to an arc welding inverter system, which is suitable for the inverter welding system of a generator.

At present, the power generation welding technology used at home and abroad mainly includes an early wound welding machine.

Wire-wound welding machine requires high engine in welding process, but this method has the advantages of large investment, large power consumption, large spatter, poor forming, poor welding quality, low efficiency, bulky body and inconvenient operation.

The power generation inverter welding system is an electronic product designed based on the working principle of IGBT series welder. The principle of inverter arc welding power source, also called arc welding inverter, is a new type of welding power source. This power supply converts the power frequency (50Hz) AC voltage into DC through input rectifier rectification and filtering, and then through the alternating switching action of IGBT, a high-power switching electronic component, into a medium-frequency AC voltage of several 30kHz. At the same time, it is reduced to a suitable welding voltage by transformer, and then it is rectified again and output fairly level by reactance filtering. Steady DC welding current. The order of transformation can be simply expressed as: power frequency AC (filtered by rectifier) DC (inverted) intermediate frequency AC (buck, rectifier, filter) DC.

If it is represented by symbols, it means: AC>DC>AC>DC.

Because of the unstable generator voltage, the product will be damaged and the service performance will be unstable. In order to solve the problem that the inverter welding system of generator can be used more stably and reliably in the generator, we have made great improvement on the voltage withstanding of components on the line to ensure that the high voltage is not bad. Voltage below 180V can also work, so that it can better reflect its welding effect in the generator unit, stable performance.

The technical proposal adopted by the utility model to solve its technical problems is:

In order to solve the problem that the generator inverter welding system can be used more stably and reliably in the generator, the generator inverter welding system is specially designed according to the generator voltage. The main purpose is to improve the voltage withstand of the input terminal, the high voltage withstand of the filter electrolytic capacitor, the IGBT tube uses more current, and the amorphous transformer adjusts the circuit to make it in the generator voltage. When the power drops below 180V, the welding power can be automatically increased. Let the welding work smoothly and steadily.

The beneficial effect of the utility model is that the inverter welding system of the generator can be used on the generator to reduce the requirement for the engine, and has the advantages of small size, light weight, high efficiency and energy saving, good dynamic characteristics, easy arc initiation, stable arc, beautiful weld formation, small spatter, and efficiency of over 73%, which is more than that of the wire-wound welding machine. Oil-saving, can be used separately, when there is a municipal power supply, can directly use the municipal power supply, without starting the generator for welding;

The functions of the main components of the power generation inverter welding system are as follows: IGBT series welder PCB. When the generator is started, its AC voltage AC 230V input is filtered into DC through rectifier bridge rectification, and then to auxiliary power supply line. Switching film low voltage DC is supplying power to PWM circuit and IGBT drive line. PWM circuit control system output 20 kHz-30 kHz square wave signal to IGBT drive line to control IGBT module when the voltage is normal. The generation voltage is filtered into DC voltage after rectification, and the DC voltage is inverted into intermediate frequency AC voltage after IGBT module. The DC welding current is formed only after the step-down rectification of high frequency amorphous transformer. Pressure.

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