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Main types and precautions for welding gloves
Sep 03, 2018

Welded gloves are a working glove for welders that provide worker safety and comfort. Suitable for cutting, welding, handling and other purposes.

The type of welding does not necessarily affect the welder, so it can be roughly divided into two types of welding gloves according to various types of welding:

1. TIG welding gloves (TIG) have less welding spatter, but the temperature is high, the radiation is strong, and the welding wire is relatively thin. Therefore, these gloves are better, thinner and not too long.

2. Ordinary hand-welded gloves, called hand-welding, is the usual welding of a pair of pliers to clamp the electrode. This type of welding has many high temperature spatters. Therefore, the gloves used are mostly double layers of Gary. The length is also above 34CM.

Pay attention to the following points in the process of using gloves:

1. Use the above table to select gloves suitable for different workplaces. The size of the glove should be appropriate. If the glove is too tight, it restricts blood circulation, which is easy to cause fatigue and uncomfortable. If it is too loose, it is inflexible and easy to fall off.

2. The selected gloves should have sufficient protective effect. For example, in the environment where the steel wire is used for cutting gloves, the anti-cutting gloves of synthetic yarns cannot be used. To ensure its protective function, gloves must be replaced regularly. If it exceeds the expiration date, it may cause injury to your hands or skin.

3. Check the gloves at any time to check for small holes or broken or abrasive areas, especially finger joints. For welding gloves, the inflation method can be used for inspection.

4. Pay attention to the use of gloves. If a pair of gloves is used in different places, the life of the gloves may be greatly reduced.

5. Pay attention to safety during use. Do not throw contaminated gloves at will, so as to avoid harm to others. Gloves that are not in use should be placed in a safe place.

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