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MMA Welding Theory of Welder Generator
Oct 19, 2018

After rectifying the generating input single-phase alternating current of arc welding machine, the inverter is fed to SCR inverter for frequency conversion, and then the intermediate frequency transformer is used to step down, rectify and filter the output DC.

The output current is sampled by the shunt and compared with the setting value of the welding current. In order to make the welding power supply have good anti-grid fluctuation ability and minimal change rate of cold and hot output current, a first-order proportional integrator is installed in the forward channel of the welding machine to improve the accuracy of the system. After the error signal is sent to the integral amplifier, it is converted into a series of pulses by A/D. After the pulses are processed by the trigger-gating circuit, the two fast thyristors which trigger the inverter are turned on in turn. After the fast thyristor turns off 30tis, a signal control trigger circuit is output to change the output channel to ensure the reliable operation of the inverter. In order to avoid the welding electrode sticking to the workpiece, the output characteristic control circuit is set up. When the output voltage is lower than 15V, the output current increases according to a certain law. The lower the output voltage, the greater the output current. In order to help arc ignition, thyristor inverter arc welding rectifier has set up arc current control circuit, so that the arc welding machine in the arc process to increase the welding current.

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