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portable welder generators
Nov 01, 2018
Basic knowledge of Kiatse portable welder generators:
Kiatse Industry combines the generator with the welding machine with advanced technology. It has the advantages of fast start-up, stable operation, small vibration, low fuel consumption, small volume, compact structure, stable and reliable ignition. Mainly rely on welding, with generating power to drive lighting equipment, so that you can finish your work at night.

Petrol engine driven welders and diesel engine driven welding machine advantages:
welding machine use electric energy, the instantaneous conversion of electric energy into heat energy, electricity is very common, welding machine suitable for working in dry environment, do not need too much requirements, because of small size, simple operation, easy to use, faster than welding machine, weld seam after welding strong, etc. The advantages of the wide range of applications in various fields, especially for high-strength parts of special practical, can be instantly the same metal material (also can be joined to heterogeneous metals, but different welding methods) permanent connection, weld heat treatment, Hansa gasoline power welding machine and diesel power welding machine welding in such a good reason.

The Kiatse welding machine adopts IGBT chopper, pulse width modulation and reactor smoothing technology to make the welding voltage waveform more stable. The new AVR technology of high quality power and the application of shock absorber coil enable the machine to achieve the perfect waveform of welding voltage, while no floating welding current means high quality welding operation, easy operation, light and simple design improves the unit's current. Field operability.
The advanced technology of Kiatse electric welding machine saves a lot of storage space and four durable wheels are more convenient to transport, widely used, easy to ignite arc, stable arc, easy to adjust welding current, wide range of adjustment, can be applied to different electrode diameters and welding environment, so that your outdoor welding operation becomes more convenient. More handy. The portable welder generators are worth your possession.

The value of gasoline engine driven welders and diesel engine driven welder are.
A. reasonable design and free adjustment. The discharge Ampere of different gears can be selected according to different metal materials to achieve the best repair effect.
B. the heat affected zone is small. There is no heat input during the transient process, so there is no deformation, undercut and residual stress. No local annealing is required, and no reheat treatment is necessary after repair.
C. Minimal welding impact, the welding machine to overcome the ordinary argon arc welding on the work piece surrounding the impact phenomenon. The work piece surface with no allowance can also be repaired at ease.
D. weld height: due to the full penetration of the material on the surface of the work piece produces strong adhesion.
E. Kiatse portable welder in generators are with auxiliary power supply from 2KW to 7KW, so that you can choose auxiliary output power supply to meet your outdoor electricity demands.

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