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Safety Operating Regulations for Portable Welder Generators
Nov 29, 2018

Safety Operating Regulations for the portable welder generator should comply with the safety operating rules for small generator and welding machine. Today we mainly focus on the safety operating rules for electric welding machine to do a detailed introduction.

Pre-welding preparation

1. Portable welder generation should be placed in ventilated and dry place, and placed safely.

2. Inspection of welding mask should be free of light leakage and damage. Welders and assistants should wear good labor insurance supplies.

3. Welding pliers, power lines and joint parts of power generation welding machine should be connected reliably and insulated well. It is not allowed to cause overheating at the junction. The terminal of the power supply should not be exposed. It should be wrapped with electric adhesive tape.

4. The length of wire between electric welding machine and welding pliers shall not exceed 30 meters, and in special cases shall not exceed 50 meters. If the wire is damped or broken, the rolling wear tester for wood-based panels shall be replaced immediately.

5. Welding wires must be elevated or buried in protective pipes when passing through roads. For example, when a torsion tester passes through a track, it must pass under the track.

6. The low and secondary wiring of the switching welder should be accurate, and the input current should meet the equipment requirements. It is strictly forbidden to touch the live part of the low-grade line.

7. The secondary tap connection copper plate must be compacted and the connection post should be coiled. Detailed inspection of contact bolts and other components before closing shall be free from loosening or damage.

Notices in Welding

1. Fair welding process should be selected according to the working conditions. No overload, high current welding and metal cutting operation with power generation welding machine should be allowed.

2. In load welding, the temperature rise of the welder should not exceed 60 degrees of A and 80 degrees of B, otherwise, the welder should stop and cool down before welding.

3. Outdoor welder generators should be kept dry and ventilated well. When moving power generation welding machine, the power supply of decompression valve schematic diagram should be cut off, and traction power supply method should not be used to move power generation welding machine. If there is a sudden power failure in welding, the power supply should be cut off.

4. Conditioning current is not allowed in welding. In order to avoid damaging the conditioner, the conditioning handle must be used in the process of welding shutdown.

5. Stop welding under the work piece of crane.

6. When welding in the area where there is a crane wire rope, attention should be paid not to make the ground wire of the welding machine touch the hoisting wire rope by mistake, in order to avoid sparks causing accidents.

7. Welders must stand on insulated wooden boards during construction in wet areas. No touching of welder wires and no clamping of live welding pliers with arms are allowed.

In this paper, the safety operation rules of portable welder generators are introduced comprehensively from two aspects: preparation before welding and attention during welding, zero voltage solenoid valve items. "Safety is no trivial matter, small generator operation should be cautious." This paper gives a detailed explanation of the safety operation of welder generators for your reference.

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