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Welder generator start-up preparation
Sep 04, 2018

In the installation of the Welder generator, due to factors such as the capacity, structure, importance and coherence of the installation work, and traditional habits, the installation of the mechanical parts of the Welder generators varies from region to region and from unit to unit.

Before the installation of the Welder generator, the electrical construction site and the steam turbine construction site should mutually agree on their respective responsible expressions, avoiding the failure to coordinate and delay the work due to the unresolved responsibilities of the two parties. A unit had not been identified due to the division of work between the two sites of electricity and steam turbines. The installation procedure should be carried out. In the case that the turbine installer has not yet tightened the two rotor coupling bolts. The Welder generator rotor has not been correctly positioned, the electrical installation personnel adjust the magnetic center of the Welder generator, causing the unit to run during commissioning. Vibration. For the installation of the Welder generator set, I believe that the electrical center of the Welder generator and exciter is responsible for the measurement and calculation of the magnetic center and air gap, as well as the installation of the end cover, including the fan and the windshield, the shaft and the seal. The evaluation of the gap, etc., the positioning and adjustment of the turbine and the rigorous personnel responsible for the Welder generator set, including the coupling to find the center, the rear bearing 就 in place, and the inlet and outlet pipes to install insulating gaskets and insulating sleeves. In actual terms, such a division of labor is more appropriate.

Inspection and storage before Welder generator installation

When the Welder generator is shipped from the factory, it is delivered to the construction site in the sub-tank. It supplies the main stator, rotor, exciter, air cooler and related parts, tools and spare parts.

After the equipment arrives at the site, check the specification and model of the equipment according to the packing list and equipment drawings, and check the installation without mechanical damage, deformation and corrosion.

The main inspection items are:

(1) Check the technical documents of the manufacturer for completeness.

(2) Appearance inspection of the stator, rotor and exciter, whether there is collision damage during transportation and handling, and whether the iron core, rotor slip ring and journal surface of the Welder generator are intact.

(3) Check whether the end face of the coupling and the screw hole are consistent with the steam turbine coupling.

(4) The stator, rotor and exciter can be blown off with compressed air. The purge air pressure should not exceed 0.3 mega cypress, and it cannot be fixed for one time. Further check whether the apricot core silicon steel sheet has rust, looseness and damage, whether the ventilating hole and the wind inlet are clean, and whether the stator tip wedge is broken, protruding and loose. Inspectors entering the stator 应 shall be securely fastened, take out all the small gold gauges in the pocket, and do not wear hard-soled shoes with nails. Do not step directly on the end of the coil.

(5) Check whether the lead wire and terminal block of the stator buried temperature measuring component are clean and complete, whether the insulation is good, and whether the installation is firm.

(6) Inspect the insulation layer of the stator coil and the lead wire in detail for blistering, whether the end wire and the ring are close to the mat, whether the fastener is intact, and whether the nut is locked. The contact surface of the lead wire should be flat, and it should not be honed when handling the silver-plated foot. The connection of the lead wire should be firm.

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