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Welding gloves humanized design
Sep 03, 2018

The use of welding gloves is suitable for welding, machine repair, steel and smelting industry, iron process manufacturing, port loading, ship transportation, etc. It can also be used to carry goods and sundries. Welding gloves are used in a wide range. It can provide workers with safety protection and comfort. The thumb is thumb-shaped, the whole piece of cowhide is on the back of the palm, and the finger edging is enhanced. The cotton lining and 14 cm cuffs. The all-round protective gloves to prevent mechanical damage have strong heat-proof performance, fire resistance, and welding gloves to prevent heat from radiating heat and prevent micro-melting metal from being sputtered.

Welding gloves material: At present, it is mainly made of natural leather such as cow split leather, cow head layer skin, pig skin and sheep skin. Features: Mainly heat insulation, wear resistance, prevent spatter scald, block radiation, and weld gloves have certain insulation properties.

The welding type used in welding gloves is different, and the impact on the welding workers is different. Therefore, according to various types of welding, it can be roughly divided into two types of welding gloves: 1. Ordinary hand-welded gloves, which are common pliers. This welding of the electrode is clamped. This type of welding has a high temperature and a large amount of spatter. Therefore, the welding gloves used are mostly double layers of Gary. The length is also above 35CM. 2. TIG welding gloves (TIG), this kind of welding, less spatter, but high temperature, strong radiation, and the wire is relatively thin. Therefore, these gloves require a better feel and are thinner, but not too long. The length of the welding gloves in the gold shield is 35CM, and the welding gloves have certain insulation properties. The leather is soft, and the thermal insulation and cold resistance are very good.

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