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Welding mask refers to the tool that protects the safety of workers during welding and cutting operations.
Sep 03, 2018

The welding mask is a tool that protects the safety of workers during welding and cutting operations. It is a high-tech product integrating optical, electronics, human science, materials science and other disciplines. The combination of high-quality LCD and plated glass is used as a light-shielding lens. The light-sensing system on the lens can detect the generation and disappearance of arc light during electric welding, and quickly drive the liquid crystal to discolor and change to achieve safe and effective filtering of harmful light, thus protecting the welder. Eyes and faces avoid arc radiation damage.

Welding mask function

1. Eye protection: Double filter, avoid the harmful radiation of ultraviolet and infrared rays generated by arc, and the damage caused by welding strong light to the eyes, to prevent the occurrence of electro-optic ophthalmia.

2. Facial protection: Effectively prevent splashes and harmful substances in the work from invading the face and reducing the incidence of skin burns.

3. Respiratory protection: airflow guidance, effectively reducing the harmful gases and dust released by welding, causing damage to the body and preventing the occurrence of pneumoconiosis occupational diseases.

The polymer material is molded at one time, high strength, and no light leakage is more suitable for the current trend. The complete variety can meet the needs of various working environments.

The solar light control welding mask can clearly see the welding workpiece before the arc starts, and the arc will automatically darken at the moment. The light-controlled welding mask is a new type of welding mask that uses light detection technology and liquid crystal technology. The principle is that the internal photoelectric sensing circuit detects the light generated during soldering (mainly infrared or ultraviolet), and after amplification, triggers the liquid crystal control circuit and according to the preset light transmittance in the mask liquid crystal ( The transmissive TN liquid crystal) applies a corresponding drive signal. Liquid crystal as a light valve will change its transmittance. The filter is filtered to produce infrared and ultraviolet rays that are harmful to the human eye. At the same time, the glare is weakened to the weak light that the human eye can bear. Compared with the traditional welding mask, it not only protects the health of the operator, but also clearly observes the whole process of welding. It is an ideal replacement for traditional welding masks.

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