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What protective measures should be taken for the Welder generator?
Sep 04, 2018

After purchasing a Welder generator, it is not that simple, we still have a lot of things to pay attention to. For the maintenance of the equipment, regular inspections, etc., we all need to pay attention. However, for the protection measures of the equipment, we also need to pay attention to it, otherwise it will damage the equipment. What protective measures should I take?

First of all, to protect yourself, in order to avoid the situation of burns, we do not directly step on the power welding machine to take the heat cover. Welder generator We can use the escalator so that we can avoid being harmed. If you want to check the cooling system, we'd better wait for the generator to cool before checking.

Secondly, the discharge of lubricating oil is also a special thing to pay attention to. Lubricating oil is generally hot, so it is very easy to cause harm to the human body. Welder generator We must be careful.

Finally, when removing the relevant parts, we must first release only the pressure caused by the air. We should not touch the parts in operation.

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