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Electric Welding Gloves Are The Basic Requirements To Ensure The Safety Of Welding Workers
Sep 03, 2018

Electric welding gloves are a kind of work gloves for welding workers, which can provide workers with safety protection and comfort. The use of electric welding gloves is a very low requirement for safety. The safety work is mainly divided into three levels, one is ideologically paralyzed, and the other is in operation. The bad habits, the third is the wear and use of labor insurance products. Safe work should be the overriding principle.

Welding gloves

Because electric welding gloves are special products for protecting laborers, the market demand is great. Some enterprises have forgotten their interests and publicly sold and sold the welding gloves that have exceeded the shelf life. Therefore, when choosing electric welding gloves, pay attention to them. To have adequate protection, replace the gloves regularly and if it exceeds the expiration date, it may cause injury to your hands or skin.

Check the welding gloves at any time to check for small holes or broken or worn parts, especially finger joints. The size of the gloves should be appropriate. If the gloves are too tight, the blood circulation is restricted, which is easy to cause fatigue and uncomfortable. If it is too loose, It is inflexible and easy to fall off. Pay special attention to the use of electric welding gloves. If a pair of gloves is used in different places, the life of the gloves may be greatly reduced.

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