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Performance Of Welding Gloves And High Temperature Resistant Gloves
Sep 03, 2018

Electric welding gloves are a welding worker's work gloves for workers' safety and comfort.

Electric welding gloves: Personal protective equipment for burning high temperature, molten metal, and sparking hands. Made of cow, pig leather or two-layer leather, it is divided into two-finger, three-finger and five-finger according to the finger type. Welder gloves have strict appearance requirements. The first grade requires the leather body to be even and thick, full and soft and elastic, and the leather surface is fine, uniform, firm, and the color is uniform and without greasy feeling. Second-class products: the leather body lacks fullness and elasticity, the leather surface is rough and the color is slightly dark.

High temperature resistant flame retardant gloves: A kind of protective gloves used in smelting furnaces or other kiln work. One is to use asbestos material as the heat insulation layer, and the outer layer is lining the glove made of flame-retardant cloth; the other is to use the flame-retardant canvas as the fabric, the middle lining with polyurethane as the heat insulation layer; Metal, high temperature resistant flame retardant can also reflect radiant heat. It is divided into two fingers and five fingers, and has three specifications: large, medium and small.

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