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Proper Use Of Welding Gloves To Maintain Their Protective Performance
Sep 03, 2018

Welded gloves are the ones that protect us when we work. Only when the welding gloves are properly maintained and used, can they protect our safety for a longer period of time. Welded gloves are a kind of labor protection gloves. We must know the common sense of their use and properly maintain them to maintain their protective performance and better protect our hands.

After using the welding gloves, we should serialize them and store them in a dry and ventilated place. When storing welded gloves, be sure not to put them together with those that are corrosive. Always remember that the welding gloves should be placed out of direct sunlight.

Also, when storing the welding gloves, keep them on a special stand and do not stack any other items on them. Taking these sun protection measures can protect them well, increase their life expectancy, and let them create greater economic benefits for us.

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