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The Quality Of High-end Welding Gloves Has Been Absolutely Improved
Sep 03, 2018

Welded gloves are a working glove for welders that are fire resistant and heat resistant, providing workers with safety and work comfort. Welding gloves are mainly classified into ordinary gloves and argon arc welding gloves, which have different functions and process requirements. Mainly heat insulation, wear resistance, to prevent spatter scald, block radiation, and have certain insulation properties.

The main feature of the welding gloves is that it can withstand a certain high temperature and can be fireproof. This matches the environment of the welding gloves, which makes the welding gloves have a certain sales volume. The welding gloves on the market are generally mainly cowhide, but there are on the sewing thread. We must pay attention to the high-end welding gloves used for export. The sewing thread generally adopts the fire-proof and cut-proof special line. Relatively, the cost price also rises, but the quality has definitely been improved.

The thickness of the leather body of high-end welding gloves should be very uniform. The upper leather should be relatively detailed, uniform, and relatively firm. At the same time, the color should be the same, and there should be no different shades. The leather of the second-class gloves may not be very full, and the elasticity may be slightly worse. The fluff on the leather surface may be relatively thick, and the color may also be slightly shallow.

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