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Welding Gloves Manufacturing Process Requirements
Sep 03, 2018

(1) Welding glove structure: The seam of the palm of the welding glove and the back of the hand should be set with a strip of leather. The slats should be chrome-tanned or pigskin. The skin and the enhanced skin should be the same leather as the palm and back of the hand. The width of the reinforced leather is 15mm or more. The use of these leathers is as required in Table 7-17.

(2) Welding glove stitch code: 3 to 4 needles per cm for the bright line; 4 to 5 stitches per cm for the dark line.

(3) Welding gloves: The hand shape should be positive, the seams should be straight and flat, the stitch length should be well-proportioned, and the tightness should be moderate. If a broken needle, continuous leak or jump is found, the needle should be re-stitched or the defective stitch removed.

(4) Welding glove size: The minimum size of the length and width of the welding glove shall comply with Table 7-17. The length (L1) refers to the distance from the fingertip along the back of the middle finger to the glove cuff; the length (L2) refers to the distance from the fingertip along the back of the middle finger to the sleeve sleeve; the length (l3) indicates the glove sleeve. Length; width (c) refers to the distance from the outside of the base of the little finger to the outside of the root of the index finger. In order to ensure that the dimensions measured from the various welding gloves are comparable, the gloves should be crushed and then measured. For special shaped welding gloves, the size is determined by the supplier and the buyer.

(5) Welding glove suture: The welding glove suture requires uniform and no scar, and the single-line strength is greater than 22.54N/50cm.

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