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Welding Gloves Provide Safe Protection For Welding Work
Sep 03, 2018

The main thing in electric welding work is that the temperature is high, there are often spatters, and the radiation is relatively large. In fact, as a welder, the hand is part of the need for protection. The special material of the welding gloves is more effective than the other gloves. The protective gloves can more effectively resist the spitting of the spatter and make the hand safer.

In daily life, the common welding of a pair of pliers to clamp the welding rod is actually manual welding. This kind of welding has more spatters than other welding in the operation. In order to protect the hand safety more effectively, it must be Choose a longer, thicker welding glove to protect yourself more effectively. Electric welding work has always been dangerous. Therefore, when welding welders buy solder gloves, they should go to regular manufacturers to buy them. Don’t make a big mistake in order to save money. If you choose real quality welding gloves, you can better The welding belt is safe to the hand.

Welding gloves are essential protective items for welding workers to carry out welding operations. With it, welding workers can safely carry out welding operations. With it, work efficiency is improved. With it, it has been created together with the welding staff. Beautiful world.

Material: Natural leather is used. The main common ones are top layer cowhide, first layer cowhide, sheepskin, pigskin and so on. These cortexes are specially treated to have wear resistance, heat insulation and insulation properties, and to a certain extent prevent spatter burns.

Length: Ordinary manual welding length should be more than 35 cm, and the argon arc welding gloves take into account that the working environment does not need to be too long. The thickness of the cortex should also reach 1.2--1.4 mm.

Performance: General welding gloves should be resistant to abrasion, knife cutting, tearing, fire resistance, heat flow resistance, and slag resistance to very fine metals. Labor protection gloves only have welding gloves with these properties, in order to bring care to the welder during the operation.

Use: Choose the welding gloves with different lengths in the seasons that are not used. It is better to use long welding gloves in summer. In addition, the welding gloves should be inspected regularly, especially between the finger joints of the gloves to see if there is any damage. If it is found to be damaged, it must be replaced in time. Do not share your own welding gloves with others. Clean them after use, but do not damage the performance of the gloves and the integrity of the leather.

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