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What Should I Pay Attention To When Purchasing Welding Gloves?
Sep 03, 2018

welding gloves are personal protective equipment to protect against high temperature, molten metal, and sparking (burning) hands during welding. Generally, cow and pig suede are used to make five-finger, three-finger and two-finger gloves. It comes with a 450px canvas or leather sleeve. The quality of the welder's glove product shall comply with the LD34.3-92 standard.

1. Material requirements: Appearance: welding gloves The first-class leather is thin and even, full and soft and elastic, and the leather is fine, uniform, firm and consistent in color. No greasy feeling; the second-grade leather body lacks fullness and elasticity, the leather surface is rough, and the color is slightly dark.

2. The thickness of leather and canvas should meet the requirements. Mechanical properties should be in accordance with the regulations. Leather for the palm and back of the hand should be soft, strong and uniform in thickness. welding gloves The leather for the sleeve should be slightly elastic. Chemical properties should be in accordance with the regulations.

3. Sewing: The hand shape should be positive, the stitching should be straight and flat, the stitch length should be well-proportioned, welding gloves and the tightness should be moderate. If there is a broken needle, continuous needle drop or jump needle, the needle should be re-stitched or the defective stitch should be removed and re-sewn.

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